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About Me

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Who I Am:
Thomas Kvamme.

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Where I Am From:
Life for me started in Fargo, North Dakota and later moved just across the river to Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo/Moorhead will always be a place that I think of as home, no matter where I live. It is where I grew up, where I learned to ride a bike, and where I made sweet ice forts during blizzards.

I moved to the Minneapolis / St. Paul area for college and stayed there for a little over a decade.  It will be another place that always feels like home. It is where I became an adult, where I got my first "real job", and where most of my closest friends are.

I recently moved back to North Dakota, a little further north. I am excited for what my future in Grand Forks holds.

What I Do:
I am the Technical Arts Director at Hope Church. My passion is using technology in the church to enhance worship, elevate the experience, and empower the message. It isn’t just about pushing buttons and turning knobs; It is about worshiping God. Technology can be a powerful tool, it can be used to help the community of the Church experience pivotal moments, to bring people into the presence of God and to bring Him glory.

In my free time I do a little bit of everything; from welding to quilting, coding to cooking. I'll often try new projects just to see if I can do them. Some projects turn out great and I'll share them here, sometimes they fail, some projects constantly seem stuck in an eternal limbo waiting on a shelf for their turn to be finished.

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