A specific story was my inspiration for this creating blog.
I had a memory from my youth randomly pop into my head.
It wasn't a story that I had any reason to tell someone. It wasn't related to anything current. It wasn't a topic that was going to come up in conversation organically.
To make it worse my memory of the event stops rather abruptly, so the story doesn't have that great of an ending. It doesn't really have an ending at all.
It didn't have a moral or a lesson. I was even pretty sure if it wouldn't be laugh out loud funny. It was just a story I remembered and wanted to share.
It really was a pointless story. 

I hoped my friend Drew could appreciate the story for what it was. I walked up to him and asked, "Can I tell you a pointless story?" Before he could answer I gave him an introductory warning that started much like the paragraph above and ended with "...and before the pointless part even starts there is a decent amount of backstory that has to be explained for so you even know what is going on."

I think more than anything he was intrigued by how horrible of a sell I was making and wanted to see if it would really be that bad.
He patiently listened to me explain the backstory and tell the story.
"That's it?" he asked. "That's it." I replied.
"You were right; that was definitely pointless, but it was a good story."

In the past I've had things that I have thought about turning into posts but I never did because they just didn't have a point. So now i'm leaning into it. Those are the exact type of stories I am going to try tell.
Stories that won't reveal some hidden wisdom.
Stories that might make you wonder, "What is this even about?"
Stories that don't have to do with anything relevant.
Hopefully even though they will be lacking in all those respects you can still find them at least mildly interesting.

Maybe that sold you on the concept of pointless stories.
Maybe you are just intrigued like Drew was wondering just how bad this could be.
Either way you can read the story that inspired it all HERE.


Image courtesy of Joey Bearbower -

Image courtesy of Joey Bearbower -