Interlaced Bargello

This was my first experience with Bargello, I actually made this the week before my Astronaut Bargello. I finally got around to finishing it, which may or may not have had something to do with the due date of the baby it was for.


In progress, when it was looking so good I wanted to share a picture but couldn't share too much because it was going to be a surprise.


Initial layout of some of the orange strips.


My first real feel for how it was going to look. I had the strips sewn in sets of 4 at this point.


After I finished sewing the strips together I was debating splitting it in half and making the outside edges the center instead. This was a quick mockup I did in an app on my phone. I like the way it emphasizes the curve a little more. I might make a version similar to this later.


Finished Back


Finished Front


I feel like I always forget some steps when doing binding and corners and probably do it a little different everytime, but these ones turned out pretty good.