Argyle -DQT

The first baby quilt I made I spent 5 months working on. From multiple design revisions to lots of little squares making for lots of cutting and sewing. My second quilt I finished less than 48 hours after I started. Probably 12ish hours work time. I had a general idea when I started but no where near the plan I had for my last quilt, nothing concrete. It was a lot of designing as I went. In the end I think it turned out pretty well.

KPgooGo - Imgur.jpg

Hoffman Fabrics Radiant Gradient Pointillist - Fire, Green, and Blue. I cut my diamonds 6 inches because that is how wide my rotary ruler is. I ended up getting 6 shades from each color. Seen here after I had laid a bunch out already, which is why there are hardly any dark blues left. I didn't realize at the time but this ended up being enough for 3 quilts, now refered to as my diamond quilt triology.

u7rsbNQ - Imgur.jpg

I wanted to get the blues and greens figured out before adding oranges. I was going to try just randomly placing them but my mind doesn't work like that. Once I settled on a pattern it was way easier.A row of all dark blue A row of light green, dark green, light blue All dark again Lights shifted over 1 space to the right repeat For the sake of the pattern I considered shades 1-3 light and 4-6 dark. I tried to evenly and randomly spread out which shade was used within light and dark.

8OHKbxh - Imgur.jpg

I rearranged a couple blues and then started adding a few oranges. I wanted a pop of color and also to tie in to the backing color, but I didn't want it to become an orange quilt. I also didn't want to to be green and blue, so I replaced mostly greens with orange. Now it is definitely mostly blue.

I decided I need a little more orange, including some darker ones. I had them follow the same pattern, if they were replacing a light diamond they would be light, dark for dark.

KRmZG0z - Imgur.jpg

I got most of the point to line up pretty nicely. Some are a little off. I can tell which ones I did first and which ones were toward the end. I think I should start doing 2 quilts at once, one as a warm up to find out all the mistakes I am going to make, and one to be the real quilt.

mI5xzrd - Imgur.jpg

Orange Giraffes by Timeless Treasures
Also used for the binding. I think it matches the orange diamonds really well.

7LJ5yoF - Imgur.jpg

That's how my Grandma used to do it. It does slightly bug me that the ties are off center because it is 4 and a half diamonds tall, but I can live with it.