Chevrons -DQT

My third baby quilt, using diamonds left over from my second quilt.

GVTAgA9 - Imgur.jpg

My new design wall. 2 panels of flannel wrapped around 4'x8' Styrofoam sheets. I cut about 2" off the top of each panel as my ceiling is 8' and it was too tight of a fit. So much easier to layout patterns on the wall instead of the floor, especially when I leave it hanging for a month or two waiting to actually sew it together... I had originally planed on doing whole rows of chevrons of one color, but it just didn't look right with the gradient so I alternated.

IW3uk2k - Imgur.jpg

I cut these diamonds while making my previous quilt. That quilt was mostly blue, this one mostly orange, and so I still have enough left to make a 3rd quilt from these diamonds with mostly green. Good thing I have a niece due in March that will need a quilt.

n70f0L1 - Imgur.jpg

I forgot some of the technique for doing the corners for the binding, (I remembered not picking up the needle to rotate, I didn't remember that is only for the back, not the front.) So the corners aren't crisp clean miters, but they work. I made sure to get a refresher course from my mom when I visited for Christmas. The backing is Timeless Treasures - Forest Frolic Foxes Stone