Star -DQT

My fourth baby quilt and the third quilt of what I am calling my Diamond Quilt Trilogy using Hoffman Radiant Gradient fabric.

xueSaip - Imgur.jpg

My initial layout of the quilt, making it up as I went. It was tricky since I was using the remaining diamonds from my last two quilts I only had so much of each color left. This quilt was going to be mostly green since the first was mostly blue and the second was mostly orange. You can see some of the diamonds aren't even whole and could be used as an edge but not a complete piece.

3ZzDYZx - Imgur.jpg

I decided I wanted to move the star off center. I pinned up some yarn to help with seeing the outline and how much I had to fill. This helped a lot know which pieces had to be full diamonds and which I could use partials. This gave me some more greens to work with since I could use a lot more partials than the previous layout.

PYRqmiv - Imgur.jpg

Finished Front.

wO8dw18 - Imgur.jpg

Timeless Treasures Zebras for the back. At first I wasn't sure if it was too lime or not so it was hanging next to the finished top on my design wall for about a month before I finally committed (which may have had something to do with my niece being born and forcing me to finish...) but now that it is on there I really like it.